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Pattern 1. You can pee-pee your web subject useable to users doubly: in a traditional web and in an Humanoid lotion, by including a WebView in the layout.

Thither are basically two shipway to present an coating on Humanoid: as a client-side diligence (highly-developed victimization the Humanoid SDK and installed on exploiter devices in an APK) or as a web coating (highly-developed victimization web standards and accessed done a web browserthere’s naught to establish on exploiter devices).

If you chose to render a web-based app for Android-powered devices, you can balance assured that major web browsers for Humanoid (and the WebView model) let you to designate viewport and flair properties that pee your web pages look at the right sizing and descale on all concealment configurations.

Chassis 1 illustrates how you can supply entree to your web pages from either a network or your your iphone app developer own Humanoid app. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t produce an Humanoid app but as a substance to scene your site. Preferably, the web pages you plant in your Humanoid app should be intentional peculiarly for that surroundings. You can level specify an port betwixt your Humanoid coating and your web pages that allows JavaScript in the web pages to birdsong upon APIs in your Humanoid applicationproviding Humanoid APIs to your web-based diligence.

To starting development web pages for Android-powered devices, see the pursual documents:

Encouraging Dissimilar Screens from Web Apps How to decently sizing your web app on Android-powered devices and reenforcement multiple concealment densities. The info therein papers is significant if you’re edifice a web diligence that you leastways wait to be useable on Android-powered devices (which you should wear for anything you release on the web), but particularly if you’re targeting wandering devices or exploitation WebView. Construction Web Apps in WebView How to plant web pages into your Humanoid lotion victimisation WebView and oblige JavaScript to Humanoid APIs. Debugging Web Apps How to debug web apps victimisation JavaScript Soothe APIs. Better Practices for Web Apps A inclination of practices you should pursue, in fiat to furnish an effectual web coating on Android-powered devices.

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