Publishers and Authors

Printed children’s books are here to stay. They continue to rank as the most popular gift item for children of all ages in the U.S., and dominate over 95% of the global market for children’s books. Even parents who consume e-books using digital devices insist on their children only reading printed books during story time and independently, according to The New York Times. Sparkup makes it fun and easy for children and their families to experience the joy of printed books of ra, leading to the rediscovery of books already lining their bookshelves, as well as encouraging the purchase of new titles. We have partnered with tier one publishers as we prepare to launch our online marketplace where we will offer a wide variety of pre-recorded books. By partnering with Sparkup, publishers and authors can:
  • Add another dimension and enhance engagement with your titles
  • Increase sales and expand your audience
  • Gain new revenue streams from the sale of stand-alone audio tracks
  • Benefit from our usage-driven analytics reporting
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The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is already on the virtual shelves of Amazon and the physical shelves of Indigo-Chapters, Canada’s largest bookstore chain. Contact us to learn more about Sparkup retail opportunities. 


Sparkup’s mission is to engage kids with the physical world by harnessing technology to spark their imagination through reading and playtime experiences. Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities.