Story time together as a family is magical.

Picture Grandma Betty who flies up from Florida to visit her grandson Jimmy in NYC. She records a few books together with him onto his new Sparkup, so he can listen to her voice as she reads his favorite books even after she has returned to Florida. Or imagine a family of five dressing up and each reading a different character in their favorite book. They can record the performance, and have it as a keepsake for years to come.

Capture, personalize and preserve those special story time moments with Sparkup, giving kids the chance to relive them anytime and anywhere. We provide the best of both worlds: holding an actual printed book and following page by page as a familiar voice reads aloud.

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Literacy is the cornerstone of educational development. Research shows that children learn best with the aid of physical printed materials rather than solely through online applications and digital platforms. Our hybrid model harnesses innovative technologies and integrates them with the tactile experience of holding and reading a printed book.

We believe the Sparkup Reader is an invaluable tool that can empower children to reach their full literacy potential. Using the device, children can follow along as they listen to recordings made by their teachers, or record passages of their own to be checked by their instructors for proper pronunciation, diction and fluency. Sparkup can foster teamwork with kids collaborating to produce their own recordings that can be used in future lessons in the classroom. The Sparkup can also be used to help kids learn a second language.

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Libraries contain a treasure trove of printed books ready to be explored by kids and their families. In an age of screens and digital applications, librarians are seeking new ways to engage kids and encourage them to take advantage of the riches libraries have to offer.

Sparkup provides an innovative solution that combines cutting-edge technology with real books. This synergy promotes engagement and makes reading a fun and collective experience. Sparkup can be used to enhance book clubs, summer reading kickoffs and other library initiatives.

And Ssshhhh! The next version of Sparkup will feature headphone capabilities so it won’t disturb the peace and quiet.

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Special Needs

Sparkup provides that extra helping hand to enable every child to reach his or her full literacy potential.

For the visually-impaired, Sparkup provides a platform to engage with nearly any printed book as the text is read aloud; it can even assist in the teaching of braille.
Children who struggle with learning disabilities or ADHD can benefit from the tactile-audio-visual synergy inherent within the Sparkup model. They can repeat entire pages or paragraphs of nearly any book, and remain engaged with the reading experience at their own pace.

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