Four years ago, we embarked on a daring mission: to establish a counter-trend away from the screens and virtual realities that dominate our children’s lives. As young parents, the founders of Sparkup felt a growing need to take kids out of these digital realms and help them rediscover the non-digital world around them, both independently and together with their families. Working with talented engineers, programmers and designers, the Sparkup team is creating fun and educational gizmos to “sparkup” playtime and story time!

Sparkup is a privately-held company based in Israel. It is managed by young parents who understand first-hand the challenges facing children’s reading and playtime experiences in a digital era. The company’s investors and management team are passionate about enhancing the lives of children and their families.

The company’s inaugural product, the Sparkup Magical Book Reader, enables kids to interact with real printed books as they stay connected with family and friends while learning – whether in the same room or across the globe. Patent protection for the
Sparkup’s technology and design is currently pending in the United States, Europe and China.


Board of Directors >>
Roy Peled

Executive Chairman

Amir Koren

Founder & CEO

Roei Simantov

Founder & COO

Barak Ben-Eliezer


Michael Gordon


Emeritus Co-Founders >>
Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Creative Manager

Dr. Denis Simakov


The Sparks >>
Adi Shoham

Director of Education

Shay Tavori

Design Manager

Laura Qian

China Operations Manager

Li Zhi

Content Technician

Ita Lifshitz

Computer Vision Researcher, PhD Candidate

Elazar Evers



The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is just the beginning. Sparkup has exciting plans to take children’s learning and playtime experiences to a whole new level. Here are just a few “sparks” we have in store:

  • An expanded selection of books and professional recordings from tier-one and independent
    publishers and authors from around the world
  • User-generated content distributed through Sparkup’s Storytellers Community
  • A more advanced Magical Book Reader that will include pointing and gesture recognition
  • An innovative gadget designed to help the visually-impaired children learn Braille
  • New toys and learning devices that will harness our proprietary interactive technologies