Meet Sparkup

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a revolutionary device that clips directly on to any picture book and reads it aloud in your voice. You can record the book yourself, in any language, and add your own personal touches;

or download professionally recorded stories, complete with sound effects, directly from the Sparkup website. While recording, Sparkup’s tiny camera takes a picture of the book’s front cover and each page. Later on, when a child connects Sparkup to the book, Sparkup immediately recognizes its front cover. Sparkup follows the child’s pace and reads aloud as he or she turns the pages – even out of order.

How To Use - 3 Easy Steps

Select a picture book that has already been recorded or downloaded onto Sparkup.
Clip Sparkup onto the book of your choice and press the center button.
Flip the pages and let your imagination run wild as Sparkup follows along.

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is the perfect gift for boys and girls ages 3 to 6. Sparkup can store up to 250 minutes of audio, or approximately 50 recorded storybooks. If needed, you can transfer files onto your computer to make room for more books.